Technical Translation Services

Translating technical documents can be challenging. This is attributed to the fact that technical stuff are very specific and technological terminology. Ideally, technical translation services are used on technical content found in installation manuals, quick start guides, and in other technical documents. This article looks at some of the basic steps that will see you improve the quality of your translation and associated costs.

Assess the current state

In most instances, technical translations are done to help aSDcsdzcAScustomers. As such, for your translations to be useful, it is advisable to assess the quality of your translations from time to time. The best way to go about this is by coming up with a feedback mechanism that allows your customers to come up with an honest opinion. Alternatively, you can also get your current translations assessed and reviewed by an expert. The idea is to identify ant loopholes and to come with a workable plan to improve your translations.

Embrace technology

To improve the quality of translations, it is imperative to embrace technology and special tools that will make your translations more understandable. The glossary, which is one of the main translation tools, should have all keywords used in the document. As such, Nouns and keywords used in the industry do not need to be translated. A glossary reduces translation costs and improves the quality of translations. You should also use another translation tool known as the translation memory to store your source content and the translated content.

Use knowledgeable translators

Technical translations are not like any other translation. You need to work with experienced technical translators to get the right content. For instance, if you need a translation of a manual used in the engineering industry, you need a translator that is well versed with engineering terminologies. Ideally, the experience should not be a matter of years of service, but how well and familiar they are with the subject.


Once the content has been translated, you also need to review and evaluate the content of the translation. Qualified and able reviewers should also do this. This way, you can be sure that the translation is right and consistent.

Technical translation is not a single step process. As such, you need to follow the steps highlighted above to improve the quality of your translation. In case there are any discrepancies on the quality of your translation, you need to repeat the process again until you get a refined process.…

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