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Choosing Beef, Poultry And Pork Products

Meat delicacies are a common treat in restaurants, hotels and households. Moreover, meat products are easy to prepare and come with a wide variety of tasty chops, steaks, ground meat and patties. For the best meat products talk to Miami Beef Co., Inc. Therefore, when choosing beef, poultry and pork products one should look for the following;



The muscle formation in meat products determines the softness of the meat. However, meet cuts from different parts of the body might be tenderer than other parts. Therefore, when choosing the best meat product it is essential to check on its tenderness. In addition, tenderness of meat products matters especially when the meat is to be prepared for children.

Chemistry and nutrient composition

When choosing the best meat product it is essential to consider the chemistry and nutrient composition of the meat. This is what adds value to the meat. The chemistry and nutrient composition is identified through the levels of proteins, fats, minerals and vitamins, cholesterol, carbohydrates and water contained in the meat.


Tender meats are red or white in color which is an indication of freshness but this varies in beef, pork and poultry meat. Moreover, processing of the meat can result in color change but does not indicate loss of value or quality in the meat. However, proper care and observation should be used to ensure that the color change does not indicate to rotting which would results to food poisoning endangering one’s health.

Assorted meat cuts

Beef, pork and poultry products come in assorted meat cuts. These assorted cuts come as steaks and chops and are retailed under different prices. The meat is processed through curing, smoking or cooking. The meat cuts are cut within set weights according to weight standards in the market. Assorted meat cuts may occur in various varieties which means that the meat products can occur as sausage, patties, minced meat, steaks and chops.


After slaughtering and processing beef, pork and poultry are packaged in varying weights and prices to meet the consumers’ needs and affordability. As a result, during packaging value addition is done to ensure that the meat is meets the international health standards and that the quality of packaging materials are not hazardous to consumers. More



Different beef, poultry and pork products have different prices which give the buyer choice on their taste and budgets. Therefore, when choosing these meat products it is essential to check their affordability with the value of each buy compared against their benefits and nutrient value. Food safety should also be a consideration when choosing the meat products.…

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